Wisdom Panel

The most accurate DNA test available. With 20+ years of scientific research, Wisdom Panel™ is the most comprehensive DNA test available: Health, Breed, even Cats, chosen by over 3 million pet parents.

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A better world for pets

How it works

Watch this short video to find out to collect a DNA sample from your pet.


We recommend waiting at least two hours after feeding your pet a meal or treat to swab. (Water is fine - no delay necessary.) This helps ensure you get an uncontaminated sample.

To prevent scratches or sudden escapes, try wrapped your cat's body in a blanket or towel (AKA, cat burrito) before you swab. And be sure to have treats on hand to reward a job well done afterwards! Find out more tips in the full FAQ's.

You might not see anything on the swabs. But if you follow the instructions above, you likely captured plenty of genetic material. Regardless, our lab performs quality checks on every sample prior to analysis. So, in the unlikely event that yours don't have enough high-quality DNA for processing, we'll let you know.

Food tailored to your cat's breed

Every breed is unique, and so are their health needs. Get advice and information on the right nutrition for them.

Feline breed nutrition
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Different breeds, different nutrition

Each formula has been created to provide nutrition that meets their health needs.

Breed health nutrition
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