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Wisdom panel products

Wisdom Panel

The most accurate DNA test available. With 20+ years of scientific research, Wisdom Panel™ is the most comprehensive DNA test available: Health, Breed, even Cats, chosen by over 3 million pet parents.

A better world for pets

Wisdom Panel™ Essential

Ready to go beyond breed? In addition to an in-depth breed report, this dog DNA test also delivers important health and trait insights. So you can create an even more personalised care plan for your pup.
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Wisdom panel dog product essential

Wisdom Panel™ Premium

Looking to gain an encyclopedic knowledge of your dog’s genetic health? Get extensive health insights, a detailed breed report, and more with our most comprehensive dog DNA test.
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Wisdom panel dog product premium

Wisdom Panel™ Breed Discovery

Know every detail of your dog’s breed mix. With breed reporting down to 1% and results that are over 98% accurate, you can deliver the kind of personalised care your pup deserves.
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Wisdom panel dog product breed discovery

Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats

Your cat’s health doesn’t have to be a mystery. With the world’s most comprehensive cat DNA test, you’ll get a full breed report, extensive health insights, and more. So you can deliver the kind of personalised care your cat deserves.
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Wisdom panel cat product complete
Wisdom Panel - How it works

How it works

Watch this short video to find out to collect a DNA sample from your pet.

What you have to say:

Knowing her breed composition allowed me to better understand certain behaviors, and put together a training program that would fit her personality. Stacy & Kona
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What you have to say:

I am so happy I had it done for my dog... 9 different breeds converged to make my perfect Paco! Some of his most endearing quirks now have an explanation! Soyoung K. & Paco
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What you have to say:

We learned he's mostly herding breeds, and he also tested positive for a gene that gives him adverse reactions to some medications. Told our vet immediately! Elizabeth V. & Niko
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British shorthair cat packaging

Food tailored to your cat's breed

Every breed is unique, and so are their health needs. Get advice and information on the right nutrition for them.
Labrador dog packaging

Different breeds, different nutrition

Each formula has been created to provide nutrition that meets their health needs.