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Diabetes Mellitus support for dogs

Precise, veterinarian-recommended nutrition for diabetes and ideal weight in dogs.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, also called Diabetes Mellitus, is a hormonal disease. In healthy pets the pancreas, which is an organ located close to the stomach and the intestine, is producing a hormone called insulin. The main role of insulin is to regulate the glucose (sugar) level int he blood. Pets suffering with diabetes do not have enough insulin to regulate their blood glucose, resulting in abnormally high blood glucose levels. This is associated with various consequences including weight loss or weight gain, increased appetite and increased thirst.

How is Diabetes diagnosed?

The first suspicion of diabetes is raised by clinical signs. If your pet shows increased appetite and increased thirst, associated with a variable body weight, your vet may recommend some diagnostic tests. Diabetes mellitus can be diagnosed by detecting glucose in the urine, measuring blood glucose through the day, and/or by measuring specific markers in the blood (for example fructosamine). Once a definitive diagnosis is achieved, your veterinarian will usually discuss treatment options for your pet. Additional tests such as imaging (radiographs, ultrasound...) may be done should your pet’s diabetes prove challenging to control with standard treatment.