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Labrador Retriever Sterilised

Labrador Retriever Sterilised

Dry food for dogs

Complete feed for dogs - Specially for neutered, adult and mature Labrador Retrievers - Over 15 months old.

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Appetite control

Helps meet the specific needs of neutered adult Labrador Retrievers thanks to an increased protein level (30%) and a reduced fat intake (11%). Also contains L-carnitine. This formula is enriched with fibres which helps promote a feeling of fullness and maintain ideal weight.

Bone & joint health

This specific formula helps support healthy bones and joints and maintain ideal weight. Enriched with EPA & DHA.

Healthy skin & coat

Labrador Retriever Sterilised helps support the skin’s “barrier” role (exclusive complex) and maintain skin and coat health (EPA & DHA). Enriched with borage oil.

Exclusive kibble design

The kibble’s texture and formula are adapted to the Labrador Retriever dog, and its exclusive shape helps reduce the rate of food intake.


A complete and balanced diet that is specially tailored for neutered adult Labrador Retrievers can help to support your dog's breed-specific needs. ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever Sterilised is a tailor-made, breed-exclusive formula for neutered Labrador Retrievers over 15 months old. After neutering, your adult Labrador Retriever has specific needs that select nutrients can help to support. ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever Sterilised is enriched with a balance of fibres which help to promote a feeling of fullness after meals and support healthy body weight maintenance. This formula also contains an increased protein level and a reduced fat intake. To help support your dog's healthy bones and joints, ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever Sterilised is enriched with EPA and DHA - supportive Omega-3 fatty acids. ROYAL CANIN® ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever Sterilised features tailor-made kibble, with an adapted shape, size and texture to cater to the size and shape of the Labrador Retriever's jaw. This dry kibble diet also supports good dental health, as each piece gently brushes your dog's teeth. ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever Sterilised is enriched with borage oil to help support the skin's protective barrier role for optimal skin and coat health. We believe that every dog is unique, which is why each recipe in the ROYAL CANIN® Breed Health Nutrition range provides complete and balanced nutrition to help support breed-specific traits. Each breed-exclusive formula contains tailor-made kibble adapted in size, shape, and texture to appeal to each individual breed.

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