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Medium Adult

Medium Adult

Dry food for dogs

Complete feed for dogs - For adult medium breed dogs (from 11 to 25 kg) - Over 12 months old

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Contributes to maintaining muscle mass with an adapted high-quality protein content.


Contains vitamins and highly digestible nutrients for a maximal absorption.


Helps support dogs' natural defences, thanks particularly to a vitamin blend (including vitamins C and E) and prebiotics.


ROYAL CANIN® Medium Adult is a nutritionally complete and balanced formula specially designed to meet your medium dog’s particular needs and support them throughout their adult years. This diet is for medium dogs that weigh between 11 and 25kg and are over 12 months old. Medium-sized dogs rely on consistent exercise for proper muscle development. This formula is crafted to help maintain muscle mass with its specialised, high-quality protein content. Their energetic lifestyles expose medium-sized dogs to environmental elements that can weaken their immune system. This kibble contains prebiotics and a blend of vitamins, including vitamins C and E, to help support their natural defences. Medium adult dogs need specific nutrients to help support their overall health. Including a balanced mix of highly digestible nutrients, this kibble helps to support maximal absorption, helping your dog stay healthy and full of life. We’ve tailored the shape and size of our kibble to suit your medium dog’s unique jaw and their eating behaviours, helping encourage your dog to chew their food thoroughly. ROYAL CANIN® Medium Adult is available in a chunks in gravy wet food texture. Mixing wet and dry food brings variety to your dog’s diet, making their mealtimes more interesting and engaging.


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