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Bringing your puppy home marks the start of one of the most exciting, rewarding, but sometimes challenging journeys you’ll go on. Your puppy and the bond you form with them are both unique. In fact, they’re one in a billion!

That’s why we’re here with you, every step of the way, to provide expert, scientifically backed, developmental and nutritional advice, so that you can grow in confidence as your puppy grows too.

Here’s to a magical first few months and to getting your puppy off to the very best start in life…

Fall madly, deeply in love

• Over two-thirds1 say their puppy is as loved and important as any other family member
• Two in five2 see their puppy as their best friend
But we know this kind of love comes with a weight of responsibility:
• 42% of new owners admit to feeling anxious a lot of the time because of wanting to get things right for their puppy

If only it was simpler

• No wonder then that many end up feeling overwhelmed:
• 42% of new puppy owners say they find the amount of information available today confusing
• Over a third4 of puppy owners wish there was a single source of credible information to turn to

The social media conundrum

• This natural desire to get things right, leads many of us to seek out more and more information, with over half of new puppy owners now heading straight to social media for advice:
• In fact, one in six 3new puppy owners sign up to over 10 puppy related TikTok accounts within the first month of their new puppy’s life

And that’s where we come in!

We’ve assembled a wealth of easy-to-follow advice that you can trust because it’s rooted in over 50 years of love, scientific research and expertise. So there’s no need to feel anxious anymore. Instead, grab yourself a cuppa and read on to discover how to make your puppy’s first few months of life happy, healthy and stress free…

Binky Felstead, owner of Pedro says about our One in a Billion campaign:

“I could never have imagined how instantly and deeply I would fall in love with our dog Pedro. But I could also never have anticipated how challenging I would find some of the moments during his first few months with us... Finding a source of information you trust is so important and can be a real turning point. I would have really welcomed Royal Canin’s One in a Billion campaign as a new puppy owner.”

— Binky Felstead with Pedro 

labrador retriever puppies

An amazing first year

The developmental journey your puppy will go on in their first year of life is staggering. In front of your eyes, you’ll see them grow from being a helpless newborn, to a playful and curious puppy and finally a thriving adult dog. Understanding the key stages of your puppy’s transformation is vital to tuning into their evolving needs and helping them develop a happy, healthy enjoyment of life.

Why getting puppy nutrition right is all-important

The food you give your puppy while they’re growing up provides them with the vital building blocks to fuel their growth and development.

puppy maltipoo eating in a bowl

Why a puppy specific diet?

Puppies’ needs are very different to adult dogs, so giving your new arrival a puppy-tailored diet is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure a healthy start in life. Your puppy’s diet should be:

  • High energy - to aid their rapid development
  • Tailored - to their breed
  • Suitable - for their small mouth and dental structure
  • Supportive - for their developing immune system
  • Easy - on their immature digestive system
  • Hard working - to aid their rapid cognitive, skeletal and cell development

Read our Puppy Nutrition 101 guide to discover how you can support your puppy’s nutritional needs through their all-important first few months.

maltese puppy

Introducing your puppy to new experiences

During their first 12 months of life puppies will encounter new experiences on an almost daily basis. Ensuring that each of these experiences is carefully managed will help your puppy grow into a confident adult dog, at ease in the world.

RC UK One in a Billion Puppy Binky Puppy

Understanding your puppy

Tuning into your puppy’s body language is key to understanding and meeting their unique needs. They are communicating with you all the time, even when it might not seem like it.

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Royal Canin survey: Based on 2,000 pet owners from OnePoll, October 2023

163% of puppy owners say their puppy became as loved and important as any other family member
242% of puppy owners see their puppy as their best friend
316% of new puppy owners sign up to more than 10 puppy inspired TikTok accounts in the first weeks of their new puppy’s life
437% of puppy owners say if they had their time again they would follow one reputable source of information