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RenalTech by Antech Diagnostics - Predicting Chronic Kidney Disease Before Onset

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Did you know Chronic kidney disease affects one-third of cats over the age of five?1

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a relatively common illness that is sadly irreversible. If left untreated it will have a significant impact on your cat's health. Antech Diagnostics has developed a groundbreaking diagnostic test to help veterinarians detect CKD up to two years before it develops.

One of the reasons chronic kidney disease can have such a long-lasting impact is due to the difficulty in detecting the illness during its early stages. 

Signs of CKD are subtle during the early stages of the disease and usually go unnoticed. Veterinarians are often consulted once signs are clearly noticeable, however, this may mean the disease is already in the advanced stages. 

In most cases, an official diagnosis is made once up to 75% or more of a cat’s kidney function has already been lost.1

This is where a new predictive tool developed called RenalTech(TM) developed by Antech Diagnostics can help. Through detailed blood and urinary analysis, RenalTech(TM) by Antech Diagnostics enables your veterinarian to determine with greater than 95% accuracy, whether or not your cat will develop chronic kidney disease within the next two years.1

Although chronic kidney disease is irreversible, knowing whether your cat will develop it in the next two years means you and your veterinarian can keep on top of the condition, before waiting for signs to appear. Your veterinarian will also be able to create a tailored proactive care plan for your cat to manage signs and help your cat stay healthy.

If RenalTech(TM) by Antech Diagnostics identifies that your cat will develop chronic kidney disease within the next two years, your veterinarian will be able to monitor your cat at regular intervals to manage the condition as it begins to develop. They may also recommend a therapeutic diet like Royal Canin Renal Support Early Consult.

The next time you visit your veterinarian, ask whether they have access to RenalTech(TM) by Antech Diagnostics and how Royal Canin Renal Support diets may be able to help maintain their quality of life. 

RenalTech(TM) by Antech Diagnostics is currently only available at select veterinarians. However, Royal Canin Renal Support diets are available nationwide.


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