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The Bengal was first produced by crossing domesticated tabbies with the Asian Leopard Cat, creating the first hybrid females.
Bengal adult in black and white

About the Bengal

Bengals, often known as "little leopards," are very affectionate and can be a lap cat if they want to be, but in general they much prefer playing, chasing and climbing. Bengals are devoted companions and are patient with other household pets and children.

These are confident and curious cats who are always investigating. As active cats, it is important to ensure they have a lot of stimulation and opportunity to exercise and interact with their owners.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from World Cat Congress (WCC)

Breed Specifics

Country: United States
Coat: Short
Size category: Medium
Avg life expectancy: 12-16 years
Confident / Sociable / Vocal / Energetic / Playful

Key facts

A cat tree is essential
Needs little grooming
Good with children

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