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Siamese cats make devoted pets who offer their owners plenty of attention. Their sociable, active personalities make them excellent additions to the family home.

About the Siamese

Siamese cats are loving, loyal, intuitive, demanding and sociable. They thrive on attention. Siamese are very intelligent and playful cats who are able to entertain themselves for hours. 

These cats have their favorite toys and never tire of playing throughout their lives. They love warm places and will find the most comfortable, warm spot in their home to settle for a nap.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from World Cat Congress (WCC)

Breed specifics

Size category
Avg life expectancy
15–20 years

Loving / Loyal / Playful / Vocal / Intelligent / Active

Key facts

  • Needs little grooming
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor life
  • Happiest in pairs

Origins of the breed

The exact origins of the Siamese are not known, but there are a number of legends and stories about them. Once known as the Royal Cat of Siam, these cats were already recorded in manuscripts of the 14th century. In the 19th century, the German naturalist, Pallas, also described white cats with dark extremities that he had seen in central Asia.

Siamese were exported to England and were first seen there at London's Crystal Palace show, in 1871. They were totally unlike any other breed that had been seen at that time and got a mixed reception. The first standard was established in the U.K. in 1892.

A Siamese's life story

Find out how to care for the Siamese in each stage of its life.

Up to 12 months

Siamese kitten

These lively kittens are very sociable and unsuited to life on their own. If they will often be in the home without their owners, it's recommended to adopt a second cat.
Siamese kitten sitting down


Siamese cats make wonderful pets for people who spend a lot of time at home. As kittens they quickly form strong bonds with their owners and thrive on as much attention as they can get. This can make them a relatively demanding breed who need owners who are willing to put a lot of time into their care.

Their sociable personalities don't end with human contacts, however, as they are also known to be incredibly patient other family pets. They are natural fetchers and kittens will happily learn to retrieve toys as long as someone is there to throw them.

From 12 months

Siamese adult

Siamese cats are well known for their classic appearance and loud personalities. They are one of the loudest breeds and will frequently communicate with their owners vocally.
9 - 15 lb Weight
7 - 11 lb Weight
Siamese adult standing

Grooming and living requirements

Their short, sleek coat, with its distinctive sheen, requires little grooming as the Siamese cat is able to look after their coat themselves. Occasional brushing will be enough to keep their coat healthy and free of loose hairs.

Although Siamese cats become very comfortable in their home environment, they are energetic cats who will benefit from access to the outdoors. After the appropriate vaccinations, Siamese cats should be allowed outside to explore their surroundings.

Siamese health and aging

Siamese cats are known for their long life expectancy and kitten-like energy which lasts well into old age. That being said, their health and nutritional needs will change as they grow older. It is a good idea to arrange regular check-ups with a vet at this stage, as they will be able to advise on any nutritional changes or health problems that aging may bring.
Siamese senior lying down

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