Constipation is serious. Not only is it uncomfortable for your dog, it can also be a sign of an underlying gastrointestinal (GI) issue that has been plaguing your pup for some time.

Constipation can be caused by a number of different GI diseases and can have some serious consequences if not addressed right away. The causes of constipation can range from blockages in the colon and other parts of the GI tract to dietary indiscretion or poor nutrition. 

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If your dog is prone to constipation, there are a couple things you should do: 

• Call your veterinarian: When your dog first becomes constipated, it’s unclear how serious it is. It can be a sign that your dog is in need of specific nutritional support, or it can be a sign of a serious underlying GI disease. Talking to your veterinarian can help you differentiate between the two and get your dog feeling better. 

• Start a new diet: Whether it’s the first time your dog is constipated or a chronic issue, your veterinarian may recommend a new nutritional solution. Depending on the diagnosis and the individual cases, a new diet enriched in insoluble fiber may be recommended to help alleviate signs of constipation. 

Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you have any questions about your dog’s GI signs and to help keep your dog’s system functioning smoothly. 

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