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Shop & Support to Keep People and Pets Together!

We’re partnering with the PDSA to help save pets lives this Christmas. 50% of every online Royal Canin order will be donated to PDSA’s

mission between Friday 24th – Monday 27th November 2023.

As an example, each order of £50 could pay for a test checking for a life threatening virus. In 2022, PDSA saved the lives of 141,000 pets with

life threatening conditions.

Your order will play a key role in helping PDSA keep pets healthy and happy this Christmas. 

*Between the 24th – 27th November 2023 inclusive, 50% of the total sales transaction plus VAT will be paid to PDSA*, a registered charity in England and Wales (208217) and Scotland (SC037585). Royal Canin will make a maximum contribution of £8,000 plus VAT to PDSA. *Paid to

PDSA Trading Limited (01595637) a wholly owned subsidiary of PDSA to which it gives all of its profits.



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Our Partnership

Together with Royal Canin we will address the UK’s worsening pet obesity crisis by raising awareness of the increasing number of overweight pets.

Diet and nutrition has a huge impact on our four-legged friends’ physical and mental wellbeing.

So, as well as supplying Royal Canin’s prescription and life-stage foods in our UK-wide PDSA Pet Hospitals, we will also be collaborating to help educate owners on how to keep their pets happy and healthy.

PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. We exist to provide free and low-cost vet care to the pets of people in need. Without PDSA, the poorest and

most disadvantaged in our society could not afford treatment for their sick or injured pets, leading to unnecessary animal suffering and the human

anxiety this creates.

Operating through a UK-wide network of 48 Pet Hospitals, we provided 1.8 million treatments in 2021, to prevent the suffering of animals and to relieve

the effects of poverty on families and communities nationwide.

PDSA has been a lifeline for sick and injured pets since 1917. We are a leading authority on all things concerning pet health and wellbeing: whether it’s

running the debate on pet obesity, conducting Britain’s biggest annual pet wellbeing survey, raising the status of animals through our animal awards

programme, or simply celebrating their contribution to our lives.

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*Royal Canin will donate £1 to PDSA (Registered Charity Numbers 208217 & SC037585) for every submission of a verified Body Condition Score through

Royal Canin’s website, committing to donating a maximum of £2,000 during the Big Weigh In campaign period (February, March, & April).