Urinary support shouldn’t disappear with the symptoms

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Feline LUTD – One disease with multiple conditions

Lower Urinary Tract Disease (LUTD) is a generic name given to a group of challenging diseases of the lower urinary tract. Signs and causes are variable. Some of the main causes and risk factors are:
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Whatever the condition, nutrition plays a key role

Considering multiple causes of LUTD once the diagnosis is confirmed, your veterinarian will establish the treatment protocol including medical and nutritional recommendations tailored to your pet’s specific needs (based on many parameters such as breed, age, weight, lifestyle, etc.).

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Useful tips on how to minimise recurrence

  • Visit your vet for regular check-ups
  • Ensure sufficient water intake with fresh clean water
  • Monitor the colour of urine: presence of blood, concentrated or diluted (dark or light yellow)
  • Watch out for triggering external factors (e.g. stress, weight, etc)
  • Multiple water sources
  • Separation of resources — water and food should be at least half a metre apart. Separating beds, litter trays, etc.

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