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Take your cat to the vet for their ultimate care

Cats like Coco can be great at hiding their health needs. So it’s all the more important to stay curious about their health and schedule regular vet visits. Pledge to take your cat to the vet below – and be sure to share a sticker on social to help get even more cats to the vet.

Ready to take the pledge?

I so solemnly swear to schedule my cat’s next vet visit to ensure they get the ultimate care that only their veterinarian can provide. I will follow their advice and continue to schedule yearly (ideally twice annually) visits henceforth.

What's your sneaky cat trying to tell you? 

Many assume that cats communicate by meowing, purring or hissing. But your clever cat has a few more sneaky ways of exposing their health needs. Hover over a few of the signs below:

1.Hot Ears

Hot ears can indicate that your cat may be running a fever!

2.Sweaty Paws

Sweaty paws usually occur when body temperature rises, but it can also happen as a bodily reaction to stress or high anxiety.


Frequent trips to the litter box or urinating outside of the litter box could be a sign of a lower urinary tract disease and may be time to see a vet.


When their tail is swaying slowly or twitching, this could indicate that your cat is focused. Let your curious cat follow their hunting instincts.

What should you ask your vet?

Use this downloadable checklist as a guide to ask all the right questions at your cat's next vet visit. 

Stay curious. Stay in the know.

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