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Large Dental Care Dry Dog Food

Large Dental Care Dry Dog Food

Dry food for Dog

Royal Canin Dental Care Dry Dog Food is formulated for large adult dogs 15 months and older weighing 56-100 lb that are prone to dental tartar

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The exclusive daily use of DENTAL CARE is effective after 7 days with up to 41%* reduction in the formation of dental plaque.

Some dogs are more prone to the accumulation of dental tartar.

After eating, food residuals form a thin layer of plaque covering the teeth. Over time, plaque calcifies into tartar which accelerates the accumulation of bacteria that can have health consequences.


Complete nutrition that features a kibble formulated with a specialized texture that polishes your dog’s teeth as they chew. This, combined with chewing, helps limit plaque and tartar build-up with every meal. Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for your dog’s overall health.


The unique kibble texture of Royal Canin Dental Care dry dog food encourages chewing and simulates tooth-brushing to limit plaque from calcifying, which helps promote your large dog’s oral health. And feeding it exclusively is proven to provide 46% less tartar formation in 28 days. Remember, your dog’s oral hygiene requires regular teeth cleaning to keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong.

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