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Small Adult 8+ Dry Dog Food

Small Adult 8+ Dry Dog Food

Dry food for Dog

Royal Canin Small Adult Dry Dog Food is precise nutrition specifically made for dogs 1–7 years old weighing 9-22 lb

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A blend of prebiotics and antioxidants for dogs supports natural defenses for immune support


Palatable, mature small breed dry dog food has an exclusive kibble design to encourage chewing


Easy-to-digest proteins and a balanced supply of fiber promote dog digestive health


Small dogs have a longer life span than most larger dogs, which means they have unique nutritional needs. They have smaller bone structures and little jaws—not to mention they can be pretty picky when it comes to the food they eat, especially as they age. Royal Canin Small Adult 8+ dry dog food (formerly Mini Mature 8+) is tailored to support your small dog’s unique traits as they age into mature adulthood. It’s formulated to help small dogs maintain a youthful vitality as they go into their senior years. An exclusive blend of nutrients and antioxidants promotes healthy aging. L-carnitine helps metabolize fat to help maintain a healthy weight. Plus, the small kibble is highly palatable, satisfying even the fussiest eaters for a meal your dog will love. Add a variety in texture with Royal Canin Mature 8+ wet dog food. And when your dog reaches their senior years, you can help keep them healthy with Royal Canin Small Aging 12+.

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