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Incredibly Unique Cats

We know that every cat is unique, so Royal Canin cat food is tailored to meet your cat’s unique nutritional needs.

Incredibly Unique Nutrition

Every cat has unique nutritional needs. That’s why at Royal Canin we create quality food for your cat based on a range of factors including their breed, age and sensitivity.

Our Feline range includes:


Feline Care Nutrition


Feline Health Nutrition


Your cat’s age can help determine what kind of nutrition they need to stay healthy. At Royal Canin we tailor our recipes to ensure that cats are getting all the nutrients they need for their specific life stage.

For example, our kitten formulas help to build your kitten’s natural defences, support healthy growth and digestive development, whereas our senior formulas are packed with nutrients that help support healthy ageing, cognitive function, mobility, and vitality.


Here at Royal Canin, we have collected expert information on the temperament and needs of a range of cat breeds. We have studied breed-specific traits to create precise formulas for your purebred cat.

Health and wellbeing advice

Whether you want to know how to prepare your home for a new kitten, how to care for a specific breed or common sensitivities in cats, Royal Canin are here to help. Visit our health and wellbeing hub to find advice, articles, and answers to commonly asked questions, written by our experts.