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Behind every incredible ability there are unique needs

At Royal Canin, we know that your cat or dog is much more than just a pet. That’s why we have created a range of science-based formulas to keep them happy and healthy, no matter how unique their needs are.

Fulfilling your pet’s unique health needs

World-leading pet health expertise

More than 50 years of scientific observation, research, and collaboration to understand your pet’s needs.

Nutritional excellence

Over 450 tailored solutions based on a no-compromise approach to precision and quality.

Trusted by professionals

Lasting relationships with veterinarians, breeders and other pet specialists to develop unique solutions and provide valuable knowledge on pet health.

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Labrador puppy

Your pet is incredibly unique

Every pet has unique nutritional needs. Discover quality food for your pet based on a range of factors including their breed, age and sensitivity.

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Pet health expertise

Ever since Royal Canin was founded in 1968 by French veterinarian Jean Cathary, we’ve been working with a global network of pet health experts to understand what makes your cat or dog tick – and stay healthy.

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Nutritional excellence

Each of our 450+ formulas have been designed to cater to the specific needs of your pet according to their breed, life stage, health status and lifestyle. Royal Canin pet food formulas are created to deliver the right balance of nutrients essential to your pet's unique health needs, including proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals and also contain optimal levels of antioxidants and prebiotics.

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Trusted by professionals

We have developed long-standing relationships with professionals including veterinarians, breeders, and shelters. Together, we have developed specific solutions to help your pets live happy and healthy lives. Royal Canin is their trusted choice.