Committed to quality and food safety

Over the last five decades Royal Canin have put nutritional quality and product safety at the heart of our operations worldwide. This attention to the very smallest details helps us deliver the most precise and effective health nutrition for pets.


A global factory network

Royal Canin has 16 factories around the world, designed and dedicated to making Royal Canin products.

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Every factory follows the same  processes

Every Royal Canin factory follows the same gold standard processes for raw materials, manufacturing, quality and food safety.

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Safe and high-quality products worldwide

Because every factory follows the same processes, every product is consistent and meets the high Royal Canin quality standard, no matter what factory is it made in.

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Global buying procedures

Our specialist buyers worldwide use the same selection and purchasing processes for raw materials. This makes sure all our products have the same high nutritional standards.

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Sourcing products from the global factory network

It is common practice for the countries that sell Royal Canin to source their products from multiple Royal Canin factories.

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What factories does Australia source its Royal Canin products from?

Royal Canin Australia sources its dry diets from the Royal Canin factories in France and South Korea, and wet diets from the Royal Canin Factory in Austria.

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Introducing a new factory...

In 2020, Australia has introduced the Royal Canin Factory in South Korea, the newest, most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly factory in our network. Watch the video to learn more.

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Consistent quality

All 1,800 food production operators follow the same strict process to ensure consistency and quality.

Systematic check

During the manufacturing process, there are ten different quality controls, ensuring quality compliance with our specifications and traceability standards. In addition to this, our labs conduct around half a million analyses worldwide every year.

Distribution partners

All our distributors have to comply with our safety and logistical standards. To ensure that's happening we regularly check out their warehousing and transport conditions.

Quality guarantee

These rigorous procedures guarantee the optimum quality, safety and nutritional value of our products.

Quality raw material

We choose ingredients based on their high nutritional content and the health benefits they deliver to pets. So we only use meat and fish that comes from the human food chain. All efforts are made to source our raw materials from accredited suppliers close to our production centres, this supports the local economy, ensures freshness and reduces our carbon footprint.

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Every product has the same nutrient and ingredient profile

All Royal Canin diets have a complete and balanced profile. We measure and analyse each raw material in order to maintain the most accurate nutritional composition. This important step is taken very seriously as an incomplete or unbalanced diet could affect the health of all pets.

Fully traceable ingredients 

100% of incoming raw materials are analysed, and a sample of each is kept for two years. This ensures we are able to trace every raw material all the way back to its origin, for the full duration of the product 's shelf life.

Rigorous supplier selection

We use strict selection criteria to identify suppliers that can help us maintain our best-in-class quality and safety standards. As part of that we undertake in-depth audits to determine nutritional value, production quality, traceability and sustainability.

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Contact us

To learn more about the science behind Royal Canin diets, to get a diet recommendation, or to ask a nutritional question, contact a Royal Canin Nutritional Advisor.

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For a sustainable future

Sustainability is central to every aspect of Royal Canin’s daily global operations.

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