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Your essential puppy care guide

Welcoming a new puppy is exciting! While it's true that puppyhood is marked by warm cuddles and puppy kisses, it's also marked by daily growth, house training, teaching manners and providing proper nutrition. The rapid growth you are watching is just the tip of the iceberg! During your puppy’s first year, there’s so much going on in their bodies that you don’t see—they transform both physically and cognitively.

Having a blueprint to help you navigate those changes makes it easier to adjust their nutritional and training needs during each stage. Our puppy care guide is that blueprint. It’s filled with helpful puppy information and tips to help you raise your puppy from rambunctious puppyhood to the healthy, loyal companion you’ve envisioned.

On this page you will find the following:

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Fun-filled, complex puppy growth

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Getting prepared for your puppy

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Puppy feeding to support their nutritional needs

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Caring for your puppy

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1. Fun-filled, complex puppy growth

Rapid puppy growth stages and puppy development milestones are complex for a young active body. As your puppy is growing up, their size, capacity for learning, and ability to be consistent with training expectations can change.

Food that meets your puppy’s nutritional needs during rapid growth can impact their health as an adult. Being well versed in the specific nutritional support your puppy requires–according to their size, age and breed–helps you lay a solid foundation for their future health and all those adventures you’ll have together.

If you’re a new puppy owner interested in learning how to raise a puppy or just need a refresher, learning about your puppy’s development month by month will give you the confidence you need to truly enjoy being a dog parent. Our puppy care guide provides the essential information you need to support that fearless curiosity and keep your puppy safe.


A puppy’s eyes stay shut until the end of the second week. Their hearing isn't fully developed until they are eight weeks old. When mature, a dog can hear frequencies up to two and a half times higher than human ears.

Immunity and defence

In their first six months their immature immune system must help protect them from millions of germs.

Healthy bones

In the first year of life your puppy’s bones must grow to become four times stronger than concrete.

Extraordinary growth

A puppy normally gains 5-10% of its body weight every day for the first two weeks.

Royal Canin Puppy Growth Program range

Our Puppy Growth Programme nutritional recommendations

Our products are designed to accompany your puppy’s growth, helping provide meaningful benefits thanks to specifically chosen nutrients for each stage of life.


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2. Getting prepared for your puppy

Without doing some advance preparation, bringing your new puppy home might feel a little chaotic. While you’re learning about life with your new puppy, they are learning to live without their mother and siblings. And to top it off, they’re adjusting to a new environment and expectations. Knowing what your puppy needs and what to expect in those early days can smooth the transition for both of you.

Take some of the unknowns out of your puppy’s homecoming. Our helpful guide provides information about how to prepare for a new puppy, including guidance for all the things you need for a puppy and tips to provide the best puppy care.


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3. Puppy feeding to support their nutritional needs

You may wonder what to feed a puppy, or how to feed a puppy to ensure a healthy future. Your puppy’s mother did an outstanding job of paving the way to a healthy puppyhood but your puppy will grow rapidly through several growth stages, needing different nutrients for each one.

Puppy food must meet unique nutritional and energy requirements as your puppy grows up. When you provide the right food to meet all those needs, you’re paving the way to a healthy adulthood.

Our guide gives you insight into puppy feeding. You’ll learn your puppy’s nutritional and energy needs to help you make the best food decisions to support your puppy’s continued health.

Let’s find the most adapted food!

Answer a few questions about your dog to discover a personalised food recommendation.

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4. Caring for your puppy

In those early weeks, your puppy’s first vet visit starts their health journey and reduces the risk of many puppy diseases. Many dog breeds will also need their first puppy grooming session. First visits can set the tone for future visits.

Your puppy’s new life with you includes many firsts and they will look to you for protection and guidance. How you support them through new experiences sets the stage for other situations that are unfamiliar and maybe a bit scary. The relationship you’ve built goes a long way in easing the stress of the unfamiliar, but helpful proven tips to navigate the unknown can continue building that trust you’ve created.

Our helpful guide provides everything you need to know to help your puppy confidently navigate intimidating firsts.


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