Healthy weight starts with healthy habits

A healthy weight is key to your cat's general health and wellbeing. Here are four simple ways to maintain that healthy weight and keep your cat in good shape.

 British Shorthair adult in black and white

Healthy weight isn't only measured on a scale 

Weighing your cat is not the only way to check if they're overweight. You can find out if your cat's a healthy weight by asking your vet how to use the Body Conditioning Score.

Healthy shape
British Shorthair adult in black and white with Body Conditioning Score illustration

Healthy activity requires play 

Playtime is key to keeping your cat stimulated, active and at a healthy weight. The amount of exercise varies based on factors such as their age, weight and breed. 

Healthy activity
British Shorthair adult jumping in black and white with a red ball with a stop watch illustration behind

Healthy portions are smaller than you think 

Many pet owners think their cat needs more food than it really does. This means that many cats are overfed; not only can this cause weight gain, but may lead to other health issues.

Healthy portioning
British Shorthair adult in black and white eating from a red bowl

Healthy growth lasts a lifetime 

Losing weight is more difficult than preventing weight gain in the first place, so it's important that healthy habits and behaviours are set from day one. 

Healthy growth
Maine Coon kitten in black and white lying down in front of a growth curve illustration

Find a vet 

If you have concerns about your cat's health, get in touch with a vet for professional, specialist advice.

Find a vet
Maine Coon adult standing in black and white on a white background