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Give your kitten the best start in life

Royal Canin has developed a range of cat food formulas to support your kitten's growth and development.
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— " Cosmo loved the biscuits. He was able to finish a large serving of the biscuits well with the day so would have to space of the serving. He is growing very quickly into a big handsome cat and I can tell how healthy and energetic he is, also knowing he is eating the best of foods possible. Being a first time fur mum it puts me at ease".

Nutritionally support growth & development in kittens

Kitten nutrition is designed specifically to provide maximum support during the first weeks of life, but cats' needs change as they grow older. At four to five weeks of age kittens can be given solid food. After the second set of teeth has come through, the nutrients essential to a kitten's growth remain the same until one year old.

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Feeding kittens

Follow the guidelines recommended on the packaging of your cat food for feeding your kitten. Avoid feeding your kitten anything other than kitten food, and make sure there is always fresh water available.

Kitten food should also contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper skeletal development, as well as antioxidants capable of supporting natural defenses and EPA and DHA for proper central nervous system development.

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A perfect start to life

Learn how to take care of your kitten's health during the vulnerable first weeks and months of life.

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