Melbourne based Royal Canin Associates have participated in the company’s first ever volunteering day with Parks Victoria and The Jane Goodall InstituteAustralia (JGIA).

Associates enhanced the biodiversity of the Friends of Dandenong Valley Parklands (Koomba Park), planting over 1000 aquatic plants (reeds and sedges).

After the planting, the group assisted with garden maintenance, weeding, mulching, and raking paths at Shepherds Bush Indigenous Garden (Glen Waverley). Shepherd's Bush is an area of remnant bushland in Glen Waverley. It is a natural haven for over 90 species of birds, including rare species. 

Royal Canin ANZ actively encourages Associates to volunteer, with a focus on supporting pets, people and planet.

Dean Richardson, Royal Canin ANZ Sustainability Lead, said that providing volunteering opportunities makes good business sense.

“Our Associates are increasingly looking for meaningful volunteering opportunities where they can leverage their own skills, passions and experiences to support community organisations.”

“Together with Parks Victoria and JGIA, we are so delighted to have Associates participate in this first ever opportunity. It’s been a successful day with plenty of physical activity supporting ecological restoration of the wetlands and the Indigenous Garden.”

The Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) is a worldwide initiative.

Associates have 16 hours community time each year to volunteer their time and talents to support communities via general volunteering, skilled volunteering and secondment partnerships.


About Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria protects a diverse estate including almost 3,000 land and marine parks and reserves. The vast area managed by Parks Victoria makes up 18 per cent of landmass, 75 per cent of wetlands and 70 per cent of the state’s coastline. 

These places are home to more than 4,300 native plants and around 1,000 native animal species. It is a privilege to conserve Victoria’s natural environment for current and future generations.  

Parks Victoria works in partnership with Traditional Owners and is committed to Managing Country Together

About The Jane Goodall Institute of Australia

Dr Goodall founded The Jane Goodall Institute to provide ongoing support for field research on wild chimpanzees and fight to protect the habitat in which they live.

Today, there are JGI chapters in 35 countries around the world all working to support Dr Goodall’s vision and legacy.

At JGIA, the aim is to “inspire actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment”. JGI is widely recognized for establishing innovative community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa and the Roots & Shoots education program in nearly 100 countries.

About Friends of Dandenong Valley Parklands Inc

This community group encourages the sensitive use of parklands through education and proactive engagement with the public. They support the protection, conservation and environmentally sensitive development of the parks for the benefit of present and future generations.

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