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At Royal Canin we believe pets make our world better. That is why our purpose is to make a better world for pets. In addition to creating premium, complete and balanced nutrition solutions we have also studied, over the last 50-years, a holistic approach to pet health, and have identified more ways that we can support pets, their owners and the professionals who care for them. Through research, science and innovation, we are now taking our first step towards providing this holistic approach through the launch of monitoring tools and services that help pet owners, under the guidance of veterinarians, identify potential health needs in pets that may be supported through nutrition. HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare is our first step in this evolution. This tool has been designed to support you by easing the at-home monitoring for the detection of blood in your cat’s urine.
Royal Canin Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare, is not a substitute for veterinary diagnosis.

What if you could unlock your cat's health secrets?

Cats tend to hide disease symptoms and can show few or no early signs of illness. If a medical condition goes unnoticed, treatment options may be limited or your cat may require expensive long-term care. That’s why your vet may prescribe ROYAL CANIN® Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare – litter granules for detection and on-going monitoring of blood in your cat’s urine.

Most urinary conditions tend to re-occur after one episode —in fact, approximately 50% of cats that experience one episode of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) will have a recurrence.


Spread the granules over the litter and wait for your cat to urinate.


Inspect the litter box after your cat urinates. If granules are WHITE or YELLOW, the test is negative. If they turn BLUE, the test is positive, as it shows the presence of blood in your cat's urine.


If the granules have turned BLUE, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss your cat’s results and what you can do to maintain their health.

Test results may vary based on conditions of use and other factors such as a cat's diet and medication.
Each test has its limitations, false positives, and false negatives. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

Benefits of HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blucare


  • A urinary test in the comfort of your cat's home environment

  • Easy to add granules to your cat’s existing litter

  • Allows detection of blood in the urine, even small amounts invisible to the naked eye

  • Results visible within seconds and remain visible for 48 hours


Still have questions?

See below answers to common HEMATURIA DETECTION questions.

HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare detects whether there is any blood in your cat’s urine, called Haematuria, which is a common indicator of underlying urinary issues. This tool is designed to detect blood in your cat’s urine from the comfort of your home, in your cat’s litter box giving you peace of mind with proactive monitoring of your cats urinary health.

Cats are secretive animals, and they often hide the clinical signs of disease. Many common conditions, including lower urinary tract conditions, show few or no signs in the early stages that can be identified at home. Haematuria, or more importantly microhaematuria (blood in urine unable to be viewed by the naked eye). This can indicate early disease processes when it is important to consult your veterinarian to support the best care for your cat.

First, add the granules to your cats’ shared litter box. If granules turn BLUE, you’ll need to separate your cats so each has their own litter box. You can add granules to each litter box (this will help determine which cat was responsible for the color change), or, if you suspect which cat needs specific monitoring, add the granules to that litter box only.

ROYAL CANIN® HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare, is a veterinary-recommended monitoring tool. To purchase the product, please consult your veterinarian.

It can be used with most litters available on the market. For best detection and interpretation of the results, a clay- based (bentonite) clumping litter should be used.

The cats we tested did not react to the presence of the granules.

Use one whole sachet when spreading into your cat’s litter box. Since each package includes two sachets, be sure to store the other packet in the original package to protect it from the elements. The granules remain effective once the sachet is opened for 21 days.

HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare provides rapid clear results a few seconds after the cat urinates in the litter tray and will remain visible for up to 48-hours.

After spreading, pay close attention to your cat’s litter box. Once sprinkled, the granules maintain their effectiveness for a period of 21 days. If your cat urinates and there is a color change to BLUE, that color will remain visible for 48 hours. Test results may be impacted if your cat urinates several times on the same granules making it harder to interpret the results. Therefore it is highly recommended to check and clean the litter on a daily basis.

HEMATURIA DETECTION granules are made primarily of cellulose (plant fibre) and a small amount of a reagent studied by veterinarians incorporated within it. The granules are WHITE and turn BLUE when the come into contact with haemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells).

If the granules are WHITE or YELLOW, this is a negative result and no blood was detected in your cat’s urine. When the granules are BLUE, consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible, as it means blood is likely present in your cat’s urine. In some cases with concentrated urine that also contains blood, the granules might appear to be GREEN in colour which may also indicate a positive result and your veterinarian should be consulted.

Because the granules can detect extremely small amounts of blood in your cat’s urine, any color change to BLUE, no matter the intensity, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

The frequency of monitoring depends on the health of your cat. Talk to your veterinarian about any urinary concerns or behavior changes, and ask whether this home monitoring tool could be helpful to monitor when you are concerned.

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