Medium Digestive Care

Medium Digestive Care

Dry Food For Dog

For adult medium breed dogs (26-44kg) prone to digestive sensitivity.

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Up to 91% Optimal Stool Quality


A precisely balanced nutritional formula that helps support optimal digestive health. It contains highly digestible proteins (*L.I.P.) a blend of prebiotics and fibres to promote a balanced intestinal flora and help promote optimal stool quality.


ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care Medium is suitable for dogs prone to digestive sensitivity that weigh between 11kg and 25kg. Tailored with active nutrients, this formula contains a range of prebiotics for healthy gut flora. Prebiotics are essential nutrients that feed the good bacteria in your dog’s intestines, this plays an important role in supporting your dog’s intestinal and overall health. At Royal Canin, we adapt the protein type to your dog’s exact needs, using only the highest quality proteins. Thanks to our regular, rigorous quality checks, the nutrients in this recipe are made better available for digestion. What’s more, ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care Medium includes balanced soluble and insoluble fibres for optimal digestive comfort. Our Digestive Care nutritional program has two components available: crunchy kibble and a delicious pâté in a pouch, both are nutritionally complete and perfectly complement each other. Don’t just take our word for it, ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care Medium’s results boast up to 91% optimal stool quality development.