Royal Canin skilling all Associates on new sustainability training program

Royal Canin skilling all Associates on new sustainability training program

ROYAL CANIN® ANZ is building a team of sustainability experts to support the transition to a low carbon economy.


In October 2021, ROYAL CANIN® announced its commitment to become certified carbon neutral by 2025.


All Associates employed by ROYAL CANIN® will now be expected to complete a rigorous set of education modules, centred around the company’s core strategic objectives (pets, planet and people).

The program will empower every Associate to be equipped with the knowledge to become a sustainability ambassador for the brand.

The education modules are broken down into three key areas:

  1. A detailed scientific overview of the broader ROYAL CANIN® sustainability strategy;
  2. Climate change, carbon emissions and how the company will achieve its carbon neutrality commitments; and
  3. A focused look at recycling and the importance/innovation behind recycled packaging.

General Manager - ROYAL CANIN® ANZ Matt Foster said the company was proud to play a role in supporting Associates with the tools and knowledge to broaden conversations they are having with customers, with their families and with each other.

“By empowering our associates to think more sustainably, we are not only encouraging them to make more sustainable choices in our business but to also make more informed choices in their everyday lives. This is a critically important investment for our business,” Mr Foster said.

ROYAL CANIN® ANZ has also launched a recycling program in 2021, partnering with participating RSPCA  locations, vet clinics and specialty retailers to collect its dry and wet food packaging for recycling and reduce the amount ending up in landfill.

Since its creation in 1968, Royal Canin aims to help improve the lives of cats and dogs through science-based nutrition. In 2017, ROYAL CANIN® launched its first sustainability plan centred around pets, planet and people.

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