Urinary Care Gravy

Urinary Care Gravy

Wet Food For Cat

For adult cats to help maintain urinary tract health.

Sizes available

1 x 85g

12 x 85g

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ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care in Gravy is a nutritionally complete and balanced formula specially designed to help support a healthy urinary environment for optimal urinary tract health. ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care has proven results. Our study* showed that this diet supported a healthy urinary tract in participating healthy cats in just 10 days of being fed with the Urinary Care nutritional programme (combining both the dry kibble and wet food formulas). ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care is also available in jelly, or as a dry kibble diet. A mixture of both wet food and dry food provides the variety cats love. *Royal Canin internal study

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