The distinctive sesame coat is the most striking feature of this Japanese breed, named after its native region and declared a Natural Monument in Japan in 1937.
black and white Shikoku adult

About the Shikoku

Shikokus are famed for their remarkable stamina, acute senses and natural energy. Passionate hunters, but docile with their owner, they are tenacious and agile enough to chase down large game. Their dense, soft undercoat and short, harsh, straight outer coat are designed to protect them from the elements of the mountains of Japan.Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Breed specifics

Country: Japan
Size category: Medium
Avg life expectancy: 10-12 years
Assertive / Alert / Confident / Intelligent / Loyal / Sociable

Key facts

  • Needs a lot of exercise
  • Enjoys training
  • Needs an experienced owner
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