Health needs your attention

No one knows your dog quite like you do. Your close bond means you notice the smallest changes in their behaviour and appearance before anyone else ever would. It's these tiny details that gives you a unique insight into your dog's health.

Canine Care Nutrition Sterilised kibble

The science of nutrition

The Royal Canin Care Range has been created by vets and nutritionists. It uses the highest quality, most nutrient rich ingredients to help some of the most common canine sensitivities. Whether that's omega fatty acids from fish and vegetable oils to aid coat health or prebiotic gut flora to help digestive health, each formula has been specifically proven to deliver fast effective results.

The Canine Care Nutrition Range

A range of advanced nutritional formulas to help to reduce minor health and wellbeing issues.

Skin and coat care

Feed your dog's skin and coat from the inside. Your dog will look better, and feel great too.

Sensitive skin

Care for your dog with high-quality nutrients that help care for your dog's sensitive skin.

Joint care

Protect your dog's bones and joints with a nutritional formula that will help keep them supple and active.

Digestive care

Go easy on your dog's gut with this unique nutritional formula that's balanced for intestinal comfort and better absorption.

Weight management

Help your dog stay healthy with high-quality nutrients designed to help limit weight gain.

Relax care

Help your dog feel more relaxed with high-quality nutrients calibrated to help them adapt to life's challenges.

Dental care

Protect your dog's teeth with advanced kibbles designed to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Urinary health

Go easy on your dog's waterworks with high-quality nutrients calibrated for urinary comfort and a healthier urinary tract.