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Before becoming a cat, your kitten will undergo big changes. Selecting a high quality diet to support them is crucial. Give your kitten a healthy start to life.

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Did you know?

During their first few months of life, your kitten will go through an amazing transformation. Their immune system must help protect them from millions of germs. Give your kitten a healthy start to life. Find out more about the different stages of life of a kitten and their nutritional requirements.

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Birth - 4 weeks


At this stage, your kitten is still drinking mother’s milk so her nutrition is important too.

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4 - 8 weeks


Your kitten will benefit from softer rehydratable kibble as their teeth are still coming through.

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8 weeks - adulthood


Ensure that your kitten has the right nutrition until they are ready to transition onto an adult diet.

Kitten nutrition

During the first months of life your kitten will go through an amazing transformation. Their immature immune system must helps protect them from over four billion germs. A quality diet is crucial at this stage of their life. ROYAL CANIN® supports their healthy development.

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