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Level up daily care with tailored nutrition

Cats like Coco are masters at hiding their health needs. Staying curious about their health is the first step to leveling up their daily care.

Urinary Care Dry

Efficiently Promotes Urinary Health in Only 10 Days*

Digestive Care Dry

Over 95% Healthy Stool Quality in 10 Days*

Weight Care Dry

Over 90% of Cats Lost Weight in Two Months*

“My Cooper has gotten a bit hefty. He loves this food, and it has helped him drop a few pounds. It is nice to have a healthier food that cats like to eat. He seems to eat less, as well. I will continue it to help him maintain a healthy weight.”

“One of my cats was having irritable bowel issues (blood and mucus with stool) and after the vet ruled out their issues, I switched to ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care dry kibble. Within two weeks the issue was resolved! He is a Royal Canin kitty now!!”

“This is a great cat food! My cats love it and it’s great for their urinary system. Made from quality ingredients, your cat will thank you! I would very much recommend picking up a bag! Great brand, great cat food – check it out!”

Add these healthy habits to their routine

Here are even more ways you can level up your cat care.

Urinary support

Urinary issues can be affected by diet, stress and lifestyle.

  • Scoop litter boxes daily.
  • Make sure you have one litter box per cat plus one extra.
  • Provide multiple fresh water sources, like an automatic water dispenser.


Healthy digestion

Soft, smelly stool can be a sign of poor digestive health.

  • Use a puzzle feeder to help slow down eating.
  • Avoid human foods and excessive training.
  • Feed a diet that helps support your cat’s digestive health.

Balanced weight

Too much weight could lead to other problems later, like diabetes and lower urinary tract diseases.

  • Avoid human foods, which often contain more calories than we realize.
  • Watch your cat’s portions. Check the food label carefully to be precise.
  • Make time for playtime to keep your cat stimulated and active.


Mix things up for taste, texture & hydration



Designed with an optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to support long-term palatability.


Wet formulas help support healthy hydration in cats that naturally have a low thirst drive.

3.Weight Management

Routinely feeding a balanced wet food with complimentary dry nutrition can help support a healthy weight.

Take your cat to the vet for their ultimate care

Cats like Coco can be great at hiding their health needs. They’re independent and actually pretty good at taking care of themselves. But even the most self-sufficient cats still need regular vet visits.