Popular Dog Breeds and Names in 2024

Dogs are our beloved family members and ever-loyal companions and it’s because of the love that we have for our furry friends that we wanted to learn more about how dogs fit into the lives of Australians. To uncover insights, we conducted an in-depth analysis of our database, which comprises data from 144,982 pet parents, including both dog and cat owners. Within this dataset, the Royal Canin database specifically encompasses 79,000 Australian dog owners, spanning a period of 6 years. Our objective was to unveil trends in dog ownership, ranging from identifying the most popular dog breeds among Australian dog owners to breeds that are less common in ownership. Additionally, we delved into the realm of dog names, exploring both the most popular choices and the more individualistic options. Furthermore, we examined the birth months of our cherished canine companions, offering a distinctive perspective on doggy birthdays. From the tiny and spirited to the large and playful, we all have our favourite dogs. Look at our bespoke study insights and trends for this year and see where your dog sits within their cohort of lovable furry friends. 

When it comes to selecting a breed, it seems dog owners across Australia have quite a few things in common with one another, after all, your dogs have won your hearts for a reason. Our study analysed the trends appearing across pet ownership in Australia to reveal the dog breeds that are most popular with you. 


Where does your dog feature in Australia’s most popular dog breeds for the year?

Most-owned dog breeds nationally

1. Labrador Retriever 

7424 owned

Ranking number one as the most popular breed in Australia with 7,424 pet ownerships.   These dogs are smart and devoted, with an affectionate and enthusiastic temperament and a playful personality. It’s these traits that make these dogs great for families, just keep in mind that they may require a bit of patience.  

2. Golden Retriever

6717 owned

The second most popular dog breed in Australia is the Golden Retriever, receiving a monthly total of 40,500 searches. Renowned for their excellent compatibility with children and other pets, they make a perfect addition to any family. 

3. French Bulldog

4803 owned

As per Royal Canin's data, Australia is home to 13,834 medium-sized dog breeds. The rising popularity of this size among pet owners can be attributed to various factors, with the decision often influenced by individual preferences, lifestyle, and living conditions. This is evident in the case of French Bulldogs, known for their independence, adaptability, and friendly nature—qualities that make them effortlessly enjoyable companions, whether they are puppies or adults. 

4. German Shepherd

4048 owned

Known to be protective and highly intelligent, these dogs make a great and loyal companion. With 4,048 pet ownerships in Australia, the German Shepherd’s friendly and warm behaviours make a perfect guard dog and protector for your family though training is required! Whether you’re feeding a puppy, an adult, or a senior, select the food that’ll give them the nutrients they need to thrive with Royal Canin’s German Sheperd range. 

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

3926 owned

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for their curious nature and the strong bonds they form with their owners. You’ll get plenty of affection from these energetic and sporty dogs, making them perfect for families.   In Australia, we found 3,926 registered pet owners for this breed with small size dogs increasingly becoming popular with people living in smaller residents.  

6. English Cocker Spaniel 

2634 owned

English Cocker Spaniels are known for being easy going and devoted companions, which is why in Australia there are 2,634 registered pet owners for this breed. As they were originally bred for hunting, these active dogs are best suited to those who love the outdoors, long walks or hikes, and a lot of affection from their dog. 

7. Border Collie 

2603 owned

Known for their intelligence and loyal nature, Border Collies are a great fit for experienced owners who know their way around training a dog. With 2,603 registered pet owners for this dog breed, these owners are rewarded with obedience and affection from their Border Collies. 

8. Rottweiler 

2208 owned

In Australia, 2,208 registered pet owners know that Rottweilers are much more than their fierce and formidable reputation. These owners know their large breed dogs to be loyal, affectionate, and intelligent, as well as having a fearless nature. That is why these dogs make great protectors and do well in the care of an experienced owner. 

9. Pug

2169 owned

Part of the 18,299 small dog breeds in the database and as the ninth most popular dog breed, Pugs are full of love and are quite playful. In our database there were 2,169 registered pet owners who have experienced first-hand the sweet natured temperament of this breed. These dogs are easy to care for, making them perfect for families with other pets and children. 

10. Chihuahua

1886 owned

Small and big in personality, this breed boasts boundless confidence and loyalty. Chihuahua is the tenth most owned dog breed nationally with 1,886 registered pet parents in our database. This breed is intelligent and agile and whether they are snuggled up on your lap or leading the charge for an adventure, they make loved companions for those who appreciate their spirited nature.  

Top 30 most popular dog breeds in Australia

  1. Labrador Retriever (7424 owned)

  2. Golden Retriever (6717 owned)

  3. French Bulldog (4803 owned)

  4. German Shepard (4048 owned)

  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (3926 owned)

  6. English Cocker Spaniel (2634 owned)

  7. Border Collie (2603 owned)

  1. Rottweiler (2208 owned)

  2. Pug (2169 owned)

  3. Chihuahua (1886 owned)

  4. Poodle Toy (1545 owned)

  5. Miniature Schnauzer (1411 owned)

  6. Boxer (1348 owned)

  7. Jack Russell Terrier (1275 owned)

  8. English Bulldog (1013 owned)

  1. Maltese (1008 owned)

  2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier (948 owned)

  3. Havanese (873 owned)

  4. Dachshund (862 owned)

  5. Beagle (859 owned)

  6. Bernese Mountain Dog (857 owned)

  7. Poodle Standard (812 owned)

  8. Australian Shepard Dog (800 owned)

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier (793 owned)

  2. Poodle Miniature (789 owned)

  3. Whippet (789 owned)

  4. Dalmatian (687 owned)

  5. Welsh Corgi Pembroke (683 owned)

  6. Hungarian Vizsla (673 owned)

  7. West Highland White Terrier (672 owned)

Most-owned dog breed state-wide

Location matters, which is why where you live can have a big impact on the type of dog you’ll want to bring into your family. Taking into consideration the climate of the area, how much exercise your dog will need, the size of your home, and how built up an area is, can mean one dog is better suited to your location than another might be.

Going beyond which dogs are popular across the country, our study took a granular look at the dogs that have won over pet owners based in Australia’s capital cities. Does your dog feature on this list of metropolitan pooches? 


Overall popular dog breed statewide findings

 Retrievers are close to our hearts, without a doubt. Both the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retrieving take the topmost owned spots across the majority of the states in Australia.

NSW, ACT, TAS, WA and SA all follow national trends  

The Labrador Retriever is top-dog nationally, as well as across 5 out of our 8 Australian states and territories. This lovable large breed is most owned in New South Wales, Australia Capital Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, and South Australia. 

The Labs’ distant cousin is most owned in Victoria and Queensland  

The Golden Retriever is favoured within both Victoria and Queensland - where the top 3 most popular breeds within these states is also very similar with the small & mighty French Bulldog the 2nd most owned dog breed in Victoria and 3rd most owned across Queensland. 

A unique top-dog breed for NT 

It is the inquisitive Beagle with its strong sense of smell, which pipped the lovable Lab to the top spot across the Northern Territory – a breed which does not feature within any other state or territory’s top ten yet is 22nd most owned breed Australia-wide.  

Australia’s rarest dog breeds

With hundreds of dog breeds to choose from, it is no surprise that quite a few of the dog owners in our database have some less commonly owned breeds. Factors, such as care and availability of breed within your area, can play a big role in whether certain breeds are more common than others.

Though these dog breeds are less common than others, they’ve won over the hearts of their owners, earning them a spot on the list as some of Australia’s rarest dog breeds with just one owner registered Australia wide.  

 Least owned and unusual breeds from our study: Have you heard of any of them?

Podenco Ibicenco

Or the Ibizan Hound, also known as the Podenco Ibicenco. This dog breed is elegant, athletic and has a unique appearance with large upright ears giving an alert look.  


How about the Azawakh? A sighthound breed originating from West Africa who is known for its speed and endurance. They show both loyalty and independence and can often be reserved with strangers but affectionate to their family.


The Shikoku, also known as the Kochi-Ken, is a native Japanese dog breed that falls under the category of spitz-type dogs and was originally bred for hunting in the mountainous regions of Japan. 

The Dogo Canario, a large and muscular breed originating from the Canary Islands, is a highly intelligent dog that responds well to consistent and positive training methods yet can exhibit a dominant personality.

Most uncommonly owned dog breeds in Australia

The following dogs and dog breeds make it into the list of the top 30 least owned dog breeds across Australia, with just one owner within our database of 79,000. How rare is your dog?

  1. Pyrenean Shepherd

  2. French Spaniel

  3. Ibizan Hound

  4. Peruvian Hairless Dog

  5. Boerbel

  6. Black and Tan Coonhound

  7. Bergamasco Shepherd

  1. Appenzell Cattle Dog

  2. Dogo Canario

  3. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

  4. Azwakh

  5. Russell Terrier

  6. American Leopard Hound

  7. Akbash Dog

  8. Catahoula Cur

  1. Peruvian Hairless Dog (Medium)

  2. German Long Haired Pointer

  3. American Eskimo

  4. Rat Terrier

  5. English Foxhound

  6. Sussex Spaniel

  7. Poodle Royal

  1. Braque de l’Ariege

  2. Shikoku

  3. Alpine Dachsbracke

  4. German Hunting Terrier

  5. Portuguese Podengo Small

  6. Bouvier des Flandres

  7. Portuguese Sheepdog

  8. Sloughi

Australia's most popular dog names

Naming your dog is no small task, and many things can serve as inspiration when picking the perfect name for your dog. Like with naming anything, whether it’s children or pets, our current landscape and your interests play a significant role.

Trends and pop culture are most likely to play a role in what names we see often, which will cycle and change over time as interests shift. Pulling from our database, we’ve collated the top 30 dog names that Australian dog owners have been loving for their furry friends. This was no small feat, however, with a total of over 12,000 registered names in the database, there were some clear standouts amongst the crowd. With Luna, Charlie, Daisy, Bella, and Frankie leading the pack as some of the most popular names, how does your dog’s name place on the list?

The goddess of the moon shines bright at #1

There is a certain charm to the name Luna, the Latin name for moon and a worshipped goddess according to Roman mythology. Interestingly, this name holds favour not only among celebrities but has also claimed the top spot among 866 dog owners. In line with current trends, as reported by BabyCenter's website for 2024 (Top Baby Names 2024, n.d.), names like Bella, Willow, Lucy, and Millie are gaining popularity as choices for children. 

Let’s hear it for the girls!  

Out of the top 10 most popular dog names for our furry friends, 5 are traditional female names (Luna, Daisy, Bella, Ruby and Molly), 3 are gender neutral (Charlie, Frankie and Coco) and 2 are male (Archie and Teddy) 

In terms of the top 30 most common dog names, 15 are female, 5 are male and 5 are gender neutral. 

Inspiration from TV, Film and Fictional Characters  

Charlie (#2) is well known as Mavericks’ co-pilot in the classic film ‘Top Gun,’ Bella (#4) a popular name which gained additional recognition as the name of a vampire-human love interest in the ‘Twilight’ series. Max (#11) is perhaps most famous as our loveable companion in ‘The Grinch’ and ‘Secret Life of Pets’, whilst Nala (#29) may have gained popularity from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

30 most common dog names in Australia

  1. Luna (866) – Female

  2. Charlie (696) – Gender Neutral

  3. Daisy (606) – Female

  4. Bella (582) – Female

  5. Frankie (553) – Gender Neutral

  6. Archie (548) – Male

  7. Ruby (494) – Female  

  1. Teddy (448) – Male

  2. Molly (446) – Female

  3. Coco (437) – Gender Neutral

  4. Max (420) – Male

  5. Willow (415) – Female

  6. Buddy (388)- Male

  7. Poppy (382) – Female

  8. Bailey (381) - Gender Neutral

  1. Lola (375) – Female

  2. Rosie (360) – Female

  3. Murphy (354)- Male

  4. Ollie (352) – Male

  5. Milo (351)- Male

  6. Bonnie (347)- Female

  7. Alfie (344)- Male

  1. Winston ( 341)- Male

  2. Lucy (333) – Female

  3. Maggie (329) – Female

  4. Millie (317) – Female

  5. Hugo (311) – Male

  6. Bear (298)- Gender Neutral

  7. Nala (296) – Female

  8. Winnie (278) - Female

Australia’s rarest and most uncommon dog names 

Giving your dog a name that is unique sometimes means the most popular of names just aren’t the right fit. Their personality, appearance, and even how they came to be in your life can all serve as inspiration and can lead to names that aren’t as conventional as the ones found in the top 30 most popular names. With over 12,000 names registered in our database, we have pulled out some clear standouts and some one-of-a-kind names that some Australian dog owners have deemed perfect for their furry friends.

Inspired from your favourite food, celebrity, place or just simply after their character - see below how rare your dog’s name is: 

  1. Scar

  2. Scruffy Peanut

  3. Sergei

  4. Sherlock Bones

  5. Sir Wilson

  6. Smoochie

  7. Snoochie

  1. Jennifer Freckles

  2. Fizzy

  3. Cake

  4. Zacky

  5. Zibby

  6. Toots

  7. Tiny Sir

  8. Wombie

  1. Tiv

  2. Wagyu

  3. Zunator Bonni Lady

  4. Tuk Tuk

  5. Tilly Delight

  6. Wiggle

  7. Wolf Diamondz

  1. Serenity

  2. Sleepy

  3. Pompei

  4. Lollipop

  5. Jelly Bean

  6. Kozi

  7. Haloumi

  8. Fuddy

Most popular birthdays

May is the most popular birthday month for dogs

With a staggering 69,996 registered pet birthdays from various years - our Royal Canin database shows that May outshines all others, with a total of 6,257 joyous dog birthdays.

Digging deeper into the canine birthday landscape, an intriguing pattern unfolds.

The most popular day for dog celebrations throughout the entire year falls on the 1st of April, recording an impressive 336 canine birthdays. On the flip side, April stands as the month with the fewest birthdays, tallying a modest count of 5,191.

Exploring Your Dog's Birthplace – month and date trends

For pet owners eager to discover the birthplaces of their furry companions, the above graph provides a closer look at the distribution of dog birthdays: 

May Puppy Boom

The highest among all months with 6257 birthdays, followed by October (6239) and July (6203)

1st April

The most celebrated birthdate of the year for our furry friends, with a total of 336 dog birthdays, followed by January 1st (316) and May 1st (299) - the first of the month is a popular date.

A quiet April

The month with the fewest birthdays, totaling 5,191 canine celebrations. March (5580) and January (5583) all round out the least popular birthday months.  

Australia's most popular breed size 

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, meaning, whatever you’re looking for, there is likely a dog out there that is the perfect size for you. The size of the dog that you get can be influenced by many things, from the level of activity they’ll need, the size of your house, and the area you call home.

Our study looked at the most popular breed sizes across Australian dog owners and found that larger-sized dogs were leading the pack when it came to the most popular size. How does your dog’s size compare to those in our study?

It’s clear that no matter what size or breed of dog, Australian dog owners have been won over time and time again by our furry friends. By looking at the data in our database, we’ve been able to identify a number of trends and insights into dog ownership, and how Australian dog owners interact with their dogs and it’s clear Australian dog owners have a lot in common with one another, after all, whether their dog is a golden retriever or a rat terrier, and whether they’re called Murphy or Fizzy, they’ve got an ever-loyal buddy.

As devoted pet lovers, ensuring the well-being of our dogs is a top priority. For both new and old pet parents, caring for your beloved canine companion may seem challenging, yet at Royal Canin we’re here to help – from professional advice on your pet’s health and wellbeing, training to tailored nutrition for every health need, we’ve got you covered. Click here for more information https://www.royalcanin.com/au/dogs/products/retail-products or visit the nearest vet to you to see a professional: https://www.royalcanin.com/au/where-to-buy

Study Methodology

Royal Canin ANZ first party customer data was analysed between December 2023 - March 2024 to form bespoke data study based on 79,000 dog owner profiles to identify popularity & preference in dog ownership across Australia. Analysis included information surrounding dog breed, type, dog name, date of birth and character traits. Over the period of 2017 to 2023, the database collection variables have evolved to account for disparities in total figures within each section, such as the quantity of breeds and names.

The data was analysed at an Australia wide level as well as by state and territory.

All information is accurate at the time of content creation and analysis and is reflective of the Royal Canin ANZ community database which refers to popularity and trends from owners and may not correlate to overall preferences of the nation.

If sharing or utilising this data, credit must be given to Royal Canin ANZ as the original source of this information https://www.royalcanin.com/au/dogs/breeds/australias-most-popular-dog-breeds-and-dog-names/  


1. BabyCenter. (2024). Top Baby Names 2024. Retrieved from https://www.babycenter.com/baby-names/most-popular/top-baby-names-2024

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