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Puppies area bundle of fun but even though they seem boisterous and playful, they are at a delicate stage in their life. They’re discovering a lot, learning about the world and their little bodies are experiencing big changes as their bones harden and their brain develop rapidly. They start their life beingcompletely dependent on mum but within a year, they’ll develop into confident, independent young dogs. That’s why they need specific support to grow up to be healthy.
Dachshund puppies Royal Canin puppy growth program

ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Growth Program: meeting their needs at every stage of growth

What puppies eat has a big impact on how they grow and how healthy they are. They have complex nutritional requirements, a delicate digestive system, an immature immune system and their brain is developing mode. They need a food which provides them with all the energy and nutrients they require to sustain healthy growth. That’s why we have created ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Growth Program, a 4-stage feeding solution containing all the nutrients a puppy needs so your puppy always gets the right food at the right time. Let’s have a look!

From birth to 3 weeks

Neonate Phase
You might not think there’s much happening at this point because your puppy will spend most of the time sleeping. But behind those snoozing eyes, their development is racing ahead. By the time they’re a couple of weeks old, your puppy will already be starting to walk, taking tentative steps to explore their new world. And as they start to interact, their protection from the maternal immunity decreases progressively.

If they can’t have their mother’s milk, that’s where ROYAL CANIN® BabyDog instant milk can help. It’s formulated to have a similar lactose content as their mother’s milk with extra proteins to help them develop the antibodies they need. And because they still have delicate digestion, it doesn’t include irritants such as starch which can upset their system.

From 3 weeks to 4.5 months

Socialisation Phase

As puppies become more social and energetic, they need higher levels of nutrients than they can get from milk. At this point, you need to transition your puppy to other food. ROYAL CANIN® Starter Mother & Babydog rehydratable kibble is designed to be a puppy’s first experience of solids. It is energy-dense and full of the nutrients they need for all that exploring and socialisation.

At around two months old, your puppy will need a visit to the vet for vaccinations because they will have lost a lot of the immune protection they inherited from their mother. This is a good time to transition from ROYAL CANIN® Starter Mother & Babydog to ROYAL CANIN® Puppy, it is rich in beta carotene and beta glucans to help support their immune system.

From 4.5 to 6 months

Juvenile Phase
As they continue growing in confidence, your puppy’s diet stays the same and it’s the calcium and phosphorus present in the ROYAL CANIN® Puppy that helps turn each bite into an opportunity to strengthen their bones and teeth. Getting the right nutritional support at this stage is crucial as your fragile puppy is building bones that within a year will be four times stronger than concrete. Impressive isn’t it!

From 6 months to adulthood

Adolescent Phase
By Stage 4, your puppy is well on their way to adulthood, capable of great things, but they’re still a puppy. Even if they’re a big puppy, they’re not big enough to eat like a grown-up. They still have puppy needs and it’s important to stick to their ROYAL CANIN® Puppy diet until they reach adulthood, which varies depending on the breed or size and can take up to 2 years in giant breed dogs!

The new formula was designed by veterinarians in our Research & Development centres

Dozens of breeders gave us feedback, to help ensure excellent nutritional benefits

884 puppies worldwide tasted and approved our new formulas

Brain development

What is at stake:

The first year is an intense and key development time for the maturation of your puppy’s brain, vision, and behavioural systems.

Nutritional answer:

A formula enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) which are scientifically proven to support brain development.

Immune system support

What is at stake:

After weaning, the maternal immune system protection declines overtime, and your puppy will need support to build their own strong immunity.

Nutritional answer:

A formula with a scientifically proven complex, including Vitamins E and C to help support the development of their healthy immune system.

Microbiome support

What is at stake:

Puppies have a delicate digestive system. Their gut microbiota is slowly adapting from maternal or substitute milk to solid food. The development of their digestive enzymes, and their intestines is ongoing.

Nutritional answer:

A combination of prebiotics (MOS) & highly digestible proteins to help promote a healthy balance of intestinal microbiota for digestive health.

Weight management

What is at stake:

Weight issues can start early for puppies and may have a negative impact on their future health and wellbeing. Healthy habits, set early, are key to support your pet for life.

Nutritional answer:

A formula with balanced nutrients and an adapted energy intake to satisfy their appetite while fulfilling their growing nutritional needs without compromising their weight.

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